Street Markets and Craftwork

The green riverside walks are sprinkled with a range of stands selling handicrafts and other objects.

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In Rosario, a child’s imagination runs free.

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National Flag Memorial

It is the first Latin American attempt to bring back monumental architecture and Rosario’s most distinctive sight.

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In Rosario, the Paraná River flows right into your dreams.

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RelaxationSailing on the Paraná River

Another way of exploring the Paraná River is on a comfortable rental sailboat or motorboat. With these, you will be able to follow the winding streams of the delta. Also available is the

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Relaxation Warm Sands of “La Florida” Beach

The municipal beach “La Florida” offers a wide variety of services in the northern riverside area. Visited by Rosario locals as of the late 19th century, it is the city’s most popular site during the ...

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Relaxation A City Bursting with Green Spaces

Perfect for a bicycle ride or a walk, Rosario’s parks are positively a must for any visitor. Apart from the best-known parks, such as the “Parque de la Independencia” (Independence Park), there are ma ...

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FunCity Center Rosario

Viewed as the most modern entertainment center in Latin America, “City Center Rosario” includes a ca ...

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RelaxationVisiting “Costa Alta”

“Costa Alta” is a public space at the edge of Rosario. A large riverside platform called “Paseo del ...

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CreativityMuseum of Contemporary Art of Rosario (Spanish Acronym: MACRO)

This Museum is situated in what used to be a set of silos for storing grain, in the grounds of the o ...

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RelaxationHistory-Filled Routes

Rosario is a city for walking. Its architectural heritage invites visitors to explore different rout ...

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RelaxationThe Beaches at “El Banquito”

With their bars and services on the other side of the Paraná River, these broad beaches are a popula ...

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RelaxationSpanish Park

Including a noteworthy Cultural Center, the “Parque de España” (Spanish Park) offers visitors an arr ...

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CreativityEl Círculo Theater

It is the most important Theater in the city and one of the most prominent ones in the country. It w ...

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The magnificent Paraná River is the perfect place for practicing sports such as sailing, rowing, swimming and kayaking.

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